Control Your TiVo From Your BlackBerry Bold with Wonderful Remote

When Wonderful Remote first starts, you’re asked to enter your registration information (or leave it blank for the 48-hour trial), and then you’ll enter your TiVo’s IP address on your network.

You’re then presented with the main screen, which provides a reference on the available functions.

I went through and tried all of the options.  When using the trackball to navigate, it’s extremely responsive – the TiVo actually responds to my BlackBerry more quickly than it does to my Logitech Harmony remote.

All of the keys work as advertised, and you have access to all of the functions you’d have on your standard TiVo Remote.

One limitation of the TiVo’s network remote interface is that it doesn’t accept letter keys for search boxes.  Instead, Wonderful Remote will send up, down, left, and right commands to navigate to each letter, and then press “select” on it – and it does this incredibly fast.

My opinion? It’s a well-written application.  Its only limitation is that my BlackBerry Bold is not a touchscreen device.

While it won’t be replacing my Logitech Harmony remote any time soon, it makes entering text in the various search boxes so fast, it makes it well worth the $2.99.

Check it out.

[2009/10/06] The FCC now requires that anyone who blogs about a product must disclose if they received payment.  I received a free copy of this app after having posted this review.

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